May 19, 2024

Decisions is based on real life. Real scenarios. And the importance of your Decision making. Just understand the Decisions we make affect those in our lives…

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  • Billy

    Now they are involving Black’s sister because they need her help getting signatures. But he did not really listen to her when she was showing concern about his safety.

  • Emily

    Yeah. Everyday we live our lives making decisions. The problem is, those decisions are not really made to last forever and so should be one that can produce positive results.

  • Roberta

    Wow. I love her voice! Black’s sister is really good. I do hope she takes her music career very seriously and make something great out of it.

  • Alfie

    Wow. I love her voice! Black’s sister is really good. I do hope she takes her music career very seriously and make something great out of it.

  • Edward

    Everyone now going into music. This music video shooting is dope. It’s like a typical setting of street music. And Black’s sister is really hitting it strong in her own way. She’s pretty cool.

  • Charlotte

    Uhhhhh… I’ll like to see the look on the face of Black’s mom when she hears that bailing her son is becoming a difficult task. I think she can also do something to help though.

  • Barclay

    I’m really enjoying this series. I wish the episode would be dropped faster because I’m always looking forward to each new one. I love the theme of this movie and the characters are killing it.

    • Marlon Nash Washington

      Glad u enjoyed it stay in tune more to come won’t be disappointed assure u

  • Philberta

    Please, can I get the name of this background music? It’s lovely and I love the lyrics. I gotta do what I gotta do to feed the fan! I would like to use it for a clip am currently working on.

  • Pamela

    Black didn’t help his sister with her music but now he’s sent his friend to interrupt her session just to ask her for help getting signatures to help him get out of the box. Nah ah! Won’t work if it was me!

    • Marlon Nash Washington

      Decisions we make thats what it is about stay in tune thanks more to come won’t be disappointed

  • Barrick

    One thing I love about this movie is the professionalism behind it. From the theme, characters, background music to even the video editing! All are done with expertise. Anyone following this movie would understand the work put behind it. Good job guys!

    • Marlon Nash Washington

      APPRECIATE the love stay in tune thanks more to come won’t be disappointed assure u

  • Alexander

    The video quality of this movie is very good. The camera resolution is quite high and the sound quality is very good. I like the spirit of going for the best. Keep it up!

    • Marlon Nash Washington

      Thanks appreciate it we working hard

  • Maria

    I love this new episode and the content. I’ve been waiting patiently for it and I’m happy it was finally released and yet again, I’m thrilled by the message passed in this episode. I hope to see the next soon

    • Marlon Nash Washington

      Every tuesday appreciate the love stay in tune thanks more to come

  • Joyce

    Here’s my favourite series for the year. I’m impressed at what the crew put up and how committed they are to the production of this series. I keep learning new things from this series. Great work my people.

    • Marlon Nash Washington

      Thanks Joyce the love is appreciated stay tuned every Tuesday new episode won’t be disappointed assure u

  • Joseph

    If I were to choose a series over and again, I’ll still pick Decisions. Over the last few years of seeing movies series, I haven’t seen any that has touched decision. This series is unique and exceptional.

    • Marlon Nash Washington

      APPRECIATED Joseph keep watching more to come

  • Alexander

    This is another mind blowing episode. I can’t wait to see the next one. Again, please is there any way I can download the full series at once instead of downloading bit by bit?

    • Marlon Nash Washington

      No apologies u have to tune in every Tuesday like ur favorite sitcom stay tuned u wont be disappointed

  • Scarlett

    I believe that many lives have been transformed by this series. I’ve been following this series from the first season and I’m glad I found something meaningful to watch.

    • Marlon Nash Washington

      We appreciate the fan love keep watching more to come Scarlett wont be disappointed i assure u

  • Elena Jones

    This latest episode is something I can’t take my eyes off. Who else enjoyed this episode? Well, I really did enjoy it. The scenes were great and I learnt a lot from it

    • Marlon Nash Washington

      Glad you enjoyed it Elena thats what we doing it for show people and the youth watch the moves,choices and Decisions you make appreciate the love stay in tune thanks

  • Joy Newton

    Everything about this series is great. I love the content and the message. This is one of the few series I’ve seen that is based on real life events.

    • Marlon Nash Washington

      Joy we can only give u what we living raw no chaser, authentic street life at its best Decisions

  • Joseph

    Anything that doesn’t address real life happenings to me, doesn’t make any sense. I have passed the stage of seeing too many fictional series. Thank God I found Decision

    • Marlon Nash Washington

      We deal with reality our daily life in the streets decisions and choices appreciate keep watching

  • Lady Grasha

    What is life without decisions? Decisions can change the course of our lives and that’s what I saw in this episode. I’m impressed at the creativity of the producer. Keep it up man

  • Lilian Snow

    The decisions we make in life have a way of affecting our lives in future. That is why this series is here to help you make the right decisions in life. Thank you for this series man, I’m really glad I’ve found some of my errors in life.

    • Marlon Nash Washington

      Thank you Lilian appreciate the love