February 21, 2024

Decisions is based on real life. Real scenarios. And the importance of your Decision making. Just understand the Decisions we make affect those in our lives…

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  • Hassa Mckay



    Great job king keep going.

  • Scarlett

    I’m still loving this series as it talks about what matters most in life, Decision. It’s one season I’ll recommend to anyone to see and gain knowledge about life.

  • Barclay

    I love this new episode. I’ve been waiting earnestly for it and here it is. Let me quickly download my favorite series of the year and share the knowledge gained.

  • Philberta

    I’ve been waiting for episode 4. The last episode was wonderful and I’m not surprised at what was delivered in episode 4. This season is loaded with lots of wisdom, and seeing this episode alone will make your day.

  • Pamela

    What is life without decisions? The entire series captivates me and I’m loving every episode of this season. I’m happy I found this series and I’m following up. I hope to see episode 5 really soon, as I can’t wait for it

  • Edward

    Decision is one series I have fallen behind in live with. The crew really know their onions about this subject matter. If you’re a youth, then I highly recommend this series to you. Start from season 1, so that you’ll understand everything.

  • Elena Jones

    What I’ve learned so far from this series is that no matter your background, your decision will either skyrocket you to your destiny or ruin you for good. So always think before deciding any action.

  • Billy

    This episode 4 is really filled with wisdom. I have been waiting for this episode and the crew really did a good job in passing a message about real life events. This should be what youths should be seeing and not unhealthy movies.

  • John Smith

    This season touches important real life events that many people neglect or have failed. You can still stand up, dust yourself and move on making the right decisions.

  • Alexander

    Look at how crystal clear this episode is. I’m glad I found this series a few months ago. I’ve learned important lessons and I’m already applying them in my day-to-day activities. This is the best series I’ve seen so far.

  • Alfie Chess

    Decisions are what makes life easy or hard. So this series touches the most important aspect not life that many people treat with kid’s glove. I wish other upcoming directors will learn to make movies that talk about reality and not fiction.

  • Pamela

    What’s up with Twan hanging out drinking with street gangsters? I like his character and I’m not ready to see him end up in the box too!

  • Emily

    So, Chantz is out and Mysonne’s there to replace him. And now he’s scared of getting thrown into the jail. Lol. He ain’t quitting for all I know. Jaeson is gonna make sure about that.

  • Scarlett

    Woah. Jaeson sure knows how to keep one in the game. 8 like his leadership style. He’s trying to look out for his minions. Their problems are his and he’s even ready to help them get out of the situation they got into. So nice.

  • Edward

    Making a decision is not the problem. The problem is making the right decision. Lots of things heading the wrong way and I can sense a lot of regrets as time goes on. Well, let’s keep watching.

  • Joseph

    So, let me guess, Black’s case is now on hold for now. Well, I think he kinda deserves it though. The rest are yet to join him too and I think June’s next.

  • Joy Newton

    Huh? No subtitle? Please, I really do need that. Most times I hear roadside noises and it drowns the actors’ voices. I rely on subtitles to follow such scenes.

  • Lilian Snow

    Totally loving this movie. Next episode should please be dropped soon because I can’t wait to see what happens next. Good job.

  • Roberta

    Please, I still need the name of the background music. It’s amazing and the lyrics is dope! I need to include it in the new clip am currently working on. It’s a promotional video though and the song reflects what I’m promoting.

  • Barrick

    Gosh. This movie is just too good. The video quality, background music and setting is simply amazing. But the background noise interferes a times. Especially when the actors are along the road. I think something should be done.

  • Joyce

    I’m kinda lost here. Looks like I missed out a lot on season one. Whew! Many new faces in this episode and I can’t name them. I think I’ll be going all the way back to the beginning.

  • Kirk Childs