February 21, 2024

Decisions is based on real life. Real scenarios. And the importance of your Decision making. Just understand the Decisions we make affect those in our lives… Log on to https://bcommtv.com/

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  • James

    A really interesting series, i’m sure to follow this series. Just as stated our decisions affect the result we get in life. Drugs and thug life ain’t the way forward. Being responsible is the way forward.

  • Michelle

    It can never be over emphasized that niggas needs to leave the street and focus more on families and getting meaningful life. Go back to families and live a more responsible life.Thanks so much for this series i’ll definietly keep watching.

  • Tim

    We all got the talent within us, We have been blessed with abilities to provide us with what we need to sustain ourselves. We just need to stop looking for the easy way out and focus more on developing ourselves. This is really wonderful

  • Esthar

    This is one of the best series i have been watching very educative. I make my sons follow this series, they are really one that teaches alot of lessons.. Thanks for this series

  • Jude

    We niggas needs to start focusing on investment. Investment in our family, life and so on. Drugs aint the the thing. Just like was said, yu work for other people and never for your self. We need to start making decisions that makes our life worth living

  • Simon

    He just said it all, The money make from street ends up int the street. The street has had it days it’s time to go back home nigggi and see value for your hardwork. We need more of this stuff out there. Thanks bruvs

  • BJ

    It’s obvious from the video that there’s fun back home, with the kids, with your babe with your home, with ya fam. The fam aint on the street. The fam is back home men, i’m glad i found my way back. Thanks y’all for this. Cheers y’all

  • Cole

    Decisions one of the best series ever for the black niggis, this is real time stuff, rreal life. I relate bro. Thanks for this. I’m sure to follow this all out here. Thanks G’s